6 Brain Break Ideas for High Schoolers

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High school can be a challenging journey as the coursework becomes more demanding and, in turn, more stressful. When I was in high school, my friends and I complained about the increasing workload. We felt enormous pressure about the impact of our grades on our future opportunities. We all noticed a fading enthusiasm for learning as the years passed. 

Caroline Carrello, a Possip intern majoring in Human and Organization Development at Vanderbilt University, explores the powers of brain breaks and offers suggestions geared for high school students.

How can teachers keep high school students engaged and prevent burnout? Utilize brain breaks. Brain breaks are short, planned pauses or activities designed to help people take a break from their regular tasks or academic work to recharge and refocus their minds. These breaks typically last for a few minutes and involve a variety of activities. 

Brain breaks are often used in elementary schools to help younger students “get the wiggles out”. In reality, they can be aged up appropriately for older students and be just as effective in enhancing cognitive function, improving concentration, reducing stress, and preventing mental fatigue.

Brain Breaks for High Schoolers 

1. Games and Puzzles

Wordle, Qourdle, Globle, Word Association Games. Engaging in these games provides both academic stimulation and brain-challenging entertainment for students.