7 Lessons Learned From a Year of Possip Instead of Gossip

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Possip just finished our second school year of working with schools.  What a fun adventure!  Using simple text and email surveys we learned a lot and were able to see the impact of parent feedback on schools.

We grew from working with 1 school in Nashville, Tennessee to working with 15 schools across 6 states (North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Oregon, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire).  We collected feedback over 40 weeks and gave over 4,000 parents the opportunity to share praise and feedback with their kid’s school.

Next year already has Possip slated to add schools in Florida and Mississippi.  We are excited to grow our Possip community.

So what are some lessons learned as we looked across our Possip community?

  1. Our schools’ parents get happier over time! Between their first Possip survey and the last one most of our schools saw an increase between 2 and 10 percentage points in the percent of their parents happy with their child’s school.
  2. Possip’s partner schools’ principals and leaders really listen to parent feedback. Schools improved the quality of homework, worked to improve outgoing communication for parents, identified and solved bullying earlier.
  3. Parents love teachers! Over 80% of what parents share is praise – for teachers and staff!  Here are some examples of the praise teachers got through Possip.
  4. Possip helped put schools and parents on the same team – growing empathy between parents and school leaders and staff.
  5. The Possip community helps lift up best practices so that schools can learn from the great things they are doing.
  6. When schools have strong outbound communication practices they get stronger parent feedback.
  7. Parents across all states, socioeconomic backgrounds, language backgrounds, school types have valuable information to share.

We look forward to next year as the Possip community grows and we continue to evolve how we help schools make parents one of their greatest assets.

Interested in bringing Possip to your school?  Email us at possip@possipit.com