Better Questions to Increase Family Turnout


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What if you could get an accurate forecast of what types of events the families at your school would attend this year – and what barriers prevent them from coming? 

Possip Knowledge and Content Manager, Mandy Wallace, shares ways Bonus Questions can increase family turnout!

We’ve all been there: teachers and staff put an enormous amount of energy into an awesome Literacy Night for families… and three families show up. The conversation is wonderful and everyone finds the evening valuable, but everyone goes home wishing more families would have come. 

Possip can help get that forecast for you. Our Possip Pulse Checks collects feedback of all kinds:

  • Praise for what’s going well
  • Concerns families have
  • Customizable questions for each school campus to poll families

Here are three ways schools have used the bonus question feature to get valuable information for planning successful family events and increase turnout:

1. Gauge interest and build buy-in for to help plan successful family workshop and social opportunities. Examples: