Closing the Feedback Loop Hack: Possip 360 Scripts

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Keep messages to parents clear, positive, and consistent—whether sharing updates, addressing concerns, or celebrating successes. Effective communication is key to boosting student outcomes, as our Possip data confirms. However, analyzing feedback and crafting meaningful responses can be time-consuming tasks that many administrators struggle to find time for. Possip 360 scripts are here to help.

Caroline Carrello, a Possip intern majoring in Human and Organization Development at Vanderbilt University, relays how Possip can help schools and families with Possip 360 Scripts. 

At Possip, we specialize in surveying, collecting data, and providing comprehensive reports. Once we gather the data, our reporting team steps in to customize messages tailored to your needs based on the report insights. Our Pulse 360 service with 360 Scripts does this initial work for you.

What are Possip 360 Scripts?

Possip’s 360 Scripts™ are a time-saver for schools, carefully developed after each Pulse Check®. Our reporting team tailors the scripts to the feedback gathered through Possip’s Pulse Check. Our scripts assist you in seamlessly communicating the report results to families or staff, whether through newsletters or robocalls. We keep the language in these scripts deliberately simple and anonymized. You can distribute them broadly, making sure that the key trends and insights effectively reach all stakeholders in a respectful and positive manner.

Why are 360 Scripts helpful for leaders?

The beauty of our scripts lies in the reporters who analyze and synthesize the data. They distill the trends in praise and feedback from the Pulse Check into family-friendly language, making it easy for you to share a quick community-facing message. This not only saves time but also ensures that the communication remains clear, concise, and impactful.

Sharing feedback through 360 Scripts can also be a tool used to increase Pulse Check response rates. When you close the feedback loop, you foster engagement and reassure families that their text messages have been read. To learn more about other creative ways to increase parent engagement read this blog post.

What do our partners have to say about 360 Scripts?

Former YES Prep Public Schools Director of Family Engagement, Barb Campbell, shared her experience: “…the amount of time spent on crafting staff notes, family notes, communicating out information. Being the person that distills all that information into a summary… having that done for you, it’s like, you just gave me back an hour of my Sunday morning. It’s very nice to see that in a concise format that can be shared out with stakeholders.”

What do these scripts look like?

Check out this screenshot from one of our demo schools:

Real Life Application: How a Possip Partner Shares Their 360 Scripts

Olentangy High School has harnessed the power of Possip 360 Scripts to seamlessly communicate the valuable feedback they gather with the wider district community. Take a peek at the snapshot below from their family Facebook page, revealing insights garnered from Pulse Checks. For a deeper dive into how they let families know about Possip and how they use the information they gather, explore their website here.

Possip 360 Scripts makes it easier for you to let families know what you heard from the feedback through their Pulse Check – and what school leaders intend to do with the responses. These scripts save school leaders time and help make their messages clearer and more effective. Examples from YES Prep and Olentangy High School show how schools use these scripts to help families feel heard. With Possip and the 360 Scripts, school leaders have a great way to ensure family, staff, and students that their voices matter, leading to a more open and caring school community.