Effective Discipline Strategies for Every School Level

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As we analyze data from our Possip Pulse Checks®, we’ve learned that student behavior, discipline and bullying leads as the top staff feedback trend across the country. Concerns about student behavior and discipline affect staff morale.

Possip teammates present ideas for every school level to support teacher and staff concerns about student discipline and bullying.

At Possip’s webinar, “Sustaining Strong Schools: Strategies for Teacher and Staff Retention”, we noted that student discipline and bullying is a top concern throughout the year that increases every quarter. As shown in the graph below, we know this trend grows throughout the year.

What can administrators do now to curb the trend and reduce staff attrition? Working at a school level can help support teachers as they work with their students. Effective discipline strategies and implementing anti-bullying programs create a better teaching environment, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention. 

Here are strategies for implementing effective discipline and anti-bullying programs in elementary, middle, and high schools: