Back to School: How Parents Can Support Kids (and Their Teachers!)

school support

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A new school year is a fresh beginning for everyone – new routines, new teachers, new classmates, new challenges, and new possibilities. To help get everyone off to a great start, Possip Knowledge and Content Manager Mandy Wallace rounded up some of our favorite Possip resources to help families support their child at school and at home!

Don’t Be Afraid to Advocate for Your Child

When it comes to school, being an active and engaged parent is a huge plus for your child, their teachers, and the school as a whole. As we lay out in Be That Parent, “Principals want to hear parent voices and resolve the small things before they turn into big things. Your voice and your concerns matter.” As we discuss in The Upside of Helicopter Parents, “Helicopters aren’t all bad. They use them to life flight people to the hospital, get a view over volcanoes, find hard to find people, navigate the complicated terrains, and park just about anywhere.”

Support Your Child’s School Teachers

Be a positive force this year when it comes to communicating with your child’s teachers: 

  1. Ask Teachers What They Need
  2. Build a Positive Emotional Bank Account
  3. Offer to Start a Parent Forum Method
  4. Suggest A Brainstorm Session
  5. Share Helpful Resources

To learn more about each strategy, read this article: 5 Ways Parents Can Support Strong Teacher Communication. And here’s a few more tips from Walden University on talking to teachers!

Encourage Good Habits

Supporting your child’s goals can start the school year off on the right track. Sit down and help your child talk through some of their favorite things from last year and what they hope to accomplish this year. We have designed a few trackers for different ages to help everyone both visualize the goals, and track progress!