Possip Partner Spotlight: Einstein Academy

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This week our Partner Spotlight is on Einstein Academy in Denver, Colorado where Mark Parmet and Dr. Sarah Levy work tirelessly as co-Heads of School. As co-Head of School, Dr. Levy keeps parents informed with weekly newsletters. She was kind enough to share an example of her newsletters to demonstrate how she closes the feedback loop with parents who respond through Possip. Check out our Q&A with Dr. Levy and let us know if you want to connect with her to learn more!


Possip: What inspired you to create a parent newsletter that includes Pulse Check feedback?


Dr. Levy @ Einstein: Parent communication is really important to us, and the weekly newsletter allows us to streamline our communications process and offer a consistent and reliable mode of communication. 

As we value clear, transparent communication, it made sense to include information related to the Pulse Check in our newsletter. As a data nerd, I only want to collect data that I am committed to using, and I wanted the parents to know that we hear them and their feedback goes somewhere.

Possip: What are some best practices for creating a parent newsletter? 


Dr. Levy @ Einstein: For us, it’s consistency and relevance. Parents want to know what’s happening with their kids, so we make sure to include important updates and reminders. We try not to repeat information so that everything in the newsletter is relevant. 


Possip: How do you measure the success of your parent newsletter? 


Dr. Levy @ Einstein: We look at the open rates as well as any feedback we receive. Our open rate is about 80% which is pretty good. Parents seem to read it and pay attention – they’ll refer back to things that were in the newsletter. 


Possip: Are there any other ways Einstein Academy shares out parent feedback? 


Dr. Levy @ Einstein: We use the newsletter to share themes from the feedback in Possip Reports. If there are individual pieces of feedback that seem to stand alone, we’ll follow-up with those people individually. We have also shared information with our board.