How Students Stepped Up Amidst Recent Tiktok Trends

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Possip intern, Isha Soni, shared the story of her Alma Mater, Ravenwood High School, and how students and parents came together! 

Trends on TikTok Led Tennessee School Students to Act

After a year of online school, social media was one of the only ways that students could communicate with each other. Tiktok trends became more creative, in both good and bad ways. More and more students started to jump on the bandwagon. 

Unfortunately, for some, online class made it easy to forget all of the people who were unseen on Zoom, but who are integral to everyday operations. When in-person school resumed, the Tiktok trends continued. A recent trend has disrupted school operations accross the nation. This trend encourages students to steal and cause damage to their school. Students are then encouraged to post about it on social media. 

Additionally, students are encouraged to steal items from the restroom. This has resulted in diligent monitoring of student facilities, which both parents and students have expressed frustration about.

It was disheartening to watch the lack of regard for the custodial staff at schools who have to clean up and repair the damage. That’s why I am proud of students at my Alma Mater, Ravenwood High School in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Students and parents came together to raise money to host a luncheon for custodial staff and give them gift cards. Ravenwood sophomore, Keri Daniels, led an effort to organize this event and make custodial staff feel seen and appreciated following the damage caused by her and her peers. This is a positive example of a parent and student partnership! Additionally, this is a great example of student leadership!

Keri, her friends, and the supporting parents together show that humans are always more powerful than social media. Community triumphs trends making their way accross the digital nation. The community at Ravenwood High School thought about how their actions impacted others. They chose to step up as leaders within their community. Great work!