5 Ways to Recharge Over the Holidays

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Savannah, a current Possip reporter and former educator, shares real ways for Administrators and Education Leaders, and Teacher to find ways to recharge over the upcoming holiday breaks!

As an educator, you probably hear the phrase, “You must love it, you get so many breaks!” a little too often. These well-intentioned words can feel frustrating at times because teachers NEED these breaks to rest and recharge. This year, Possip encourages you to use you holiday break to really, truly recharge. You absolutely deserve it! Here are a few ways you might consider spending your much-needed time off and recharging over the holidays!

1️⃣ Put the Work Aside

A holiday break should be exactly that, a break. It might feel tempting to try to look ahead and lesson plan or grade a few papers. However, intentionally taking time away from work actually allows you to show up fully recharged.  So to RECHARGE, literally UNCHARGE.  Forget your phone charger or computer charger somewhere :).

If you really just can’t stay away, consider doing things that might still be relaxing – like browsing Pinterest for new ideas, reading a book for your own development, or read a novel your students are currently reading in English.

2️⃣ Invest in Yourself

You should definitely take time to rest, but an elongated break is also a wonderful opportunity to invest intentionally in yourself. Consider treating yourself to something you love (a meal, a drink, a gift), reading a new book, practicing meditation, or spending time writing. With the new year just around the corner, now is a wonderful time to write and reflect. Take some time to slow down and invest in YOU. By this time of the year, teachers may feel like they are operating out of a place of depletion or exhaustion. Use this holiday break to fill up and care for yourself. Here is a list of 2021 Best Sellers on Amazon!

3️⃣ Set a Goal or Intention

Every year I was a teacher I looked forward to the holiday break. I dreamt about sleeping in, slowly sipping morning coffee, and lounging around home eating too many cookies. Every year, the break would come and then quickly pass, leaving me wondering where all the days had gone. Eventually, I started to set goals or intentions. I challenged myself to exercise daily, learn a certain number of new recipes, or read and finish a book. These goals were not overambitious or strenuous. However, they did allow me to spend my time more intentionally, which left me feeling a bit more accomplished. Think about all the times you said to yourself, “If I had time I would…” Pick one or two of those things and do them for yourself.  So set some goals.  Some can be serious – like exercise.  Some can be soothing – like sleep for 8 hours a day.  Some can be fun – karaoke one night.

4️⃣ Invest in Someone Else

It can be so fulfilling to invest in someone else.  Just as you treated yourself, treat someone else to a gift or your time.  When you’re able to give it’s a reminder that your cup is still full.  You can invest in people you don’t typically get to invest in during the school year – maybe spending time with nieces or nephews or kids, maybe doing something special for a loved one, or maybe showing some love to a former teacher or a colleague.  Here are some ways to volunteer around the Thanksgiving holiday.

5️⃣ Connect with Family and Friends

During the school year, it can feel like our social circles get smaller and smaller. After spending so much time with others all day, it can be difficult to commit to socializing even more. Consider using this break to connect with others. Catch up with friends and go see a movie or explore outside! Take a trip with a loved one or try out a new restaurant. Don’t attend functions or get-togethers you feel obligated to, but do spend time with people who feel energizing!

friends surrounding a dinner table cheering to recharging over the holidays

This year, Possip is encouraging all teachers to think about what brings them joy, connection to self, and energy, and then make time for that over the holiday break. It’s difficult to operate from a place of feeling overspent and overwhelmed. We hope you are able to find ways that help to recharge over this holiday season with intention.

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