Best Practices for Safe and Memorable School Events

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Laughter. Friendship. Unforgettable moments. When families step into the school building for events like concerts, open houses, and other gatherings, it’s an opportunity to foster a strong sense of community and provide an engaging experience. However, these events also require careful planning to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment. 

Erin Milligan-Mattes, Possip Reporter and a seasoned instructional leader who served in the Commissioner’s Office at the Tennessee Department of Education, discusses best practices for safe and memorable school gatherings.

Here are the best practices for hosting safe and successful family-friendly events that leave a lasting positive impression:

Clear Event Communication & Promotion

Start by effectively communicating event details well in advance to minimize confusion and increase participation. 

  • Send communication about events at least two weeks in advance. Follow up with event reminders before the event: one week, a few days prior, and the day of the event.
  • Use multiple channels to promote events such as emails, newsletters, school websites, and social media.
  • Inform stakeholders about the event’s purpose, date, time, and any special instructions, such as traffic flow. You may also share a run of show or agenda ahead of time so families know what to expect.
  • Get an estimate of the number of attendees for planning purposes. This may mean asking for RSVPs or looking up last year’s attendance for the same event.