How Waverly-Belmont Increases Teacher Involvement in Extracurricular Activities


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As an administrator, you may be getting feedback from families that they’d like more extracurricular opportunities for their children. You may be wondering how to maximize teacher involvement in your campus activities and clubs. Or you might be so overwhelmed that you’re not quite in the planning headspace for “extras”! 

Sarah Besand, a teacher and Possip Reporter, shares how one elementary school motivates teachers to lead in extracurricular activities for their students. 

Learn From the Pros

When thinking about achievement, I strive to live by this motto: It’s our best bet to learn from the pros. For extracurriculars, there’s an elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee that seems to have found the special sauce. Presenting: Waverly-Belmont Elementary School.

I first heard about this school’s unique approach to clubs from a previous colleague of mine. Then I heard about it again from a teacher at my own school. And then from a parent raving about their student’s extended after-care. I decided if it had this much traction in the area, other districts and schools should know about their strategies!