Possip Team Teacher Appreciation Pt. 3

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Teacher Appreciation Week is in May annually, but at Possip we celebrate teachers and educators year round! Many of our reporters and full-time Possip team members have worked in education as classroom volunteers, teachers, and school administrators. They bring their education expertise into their work– making recommendations for school leaders and teams, helping our partners meet their goals, and creating blog content for school leaders and teachers.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to feature Q&As with current and former teachers on our team to show Possip teacher appreciation!

Meet Possip Growth and Partnerships Lead, Chima Mbadugha and Possip Reporting Team members, Delia and Kimberly!

Chima Mbadugha

Why do you love teaching?

Teaching shapes the future! It creates new scientists, entrepreneurs, musicians, healthcare professionals, educators, and more! Everyone has had a teacher formally or informally. At the core of the work is helping others tap into their potential. What greater gift could you give to the world than to play a part in helping others maximize the gifts they were given?

Why does parent partnership matter?

It would be a fallacy to think a school could help a child reach its greatest potential without leveraging its village. That village originates with the guardian or parents. A school cannot consider itself effective without believing, including, and fostering a partnership with parents.

Delia Casey

Why does parent partnership matter?

Parent partnerships matter because as adults, teachers and parents have impactful roles in all aspects of the education of a child. We teach in shifts, and while teachers educate during school, parents educate before and after. When there is a strong partnership between parents and educators, the kids benefit the most.

Kimberly Robinson

What is your hope for teachers and teaching?

I hope that schools and teachers have space to see children as more than scores on spreadsheets and have time to enjoy and honor the special moments of childhood.