Top 10 Feedback Trends from Possip Families in February

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Amanda Richards, Possip’s Reporting Team Lead, analyzed data from our Pulse Checks™ to provide you with the top 10 feedback trends from Possip families in February! Read more to see how Possip is analyzing family needs and praises across the country!


During the last month, Possip has heard from over 22,000 unique family members through Possip Pulse Checks™! As an average for the year, 73% of families stated they were happy with their school. What is top of mind for families right now? We were able to create a list of the top 10 feedback trends from Possip families!


What is on the Minds of Families this Month?

1️⃣ Covid Safety Measures

2️⃣ Curriculum Feedback

3️⃣ Teacher Communication

4️⃣ Academic Support

5️⃣ Communication Regarding COVID

6️⃣ Transportation

7️⃣ Virtual Learning

8️⃣ Activities for Students

9️⃣ Bullying

🔟 School Schedule


Top 10 Feedback Trends Breakdown 


#1: COVID safety measures were the number one feedback topic discussed in Possip Pulse Checks™ this past month.

Family members shared feedback, opinions, and questions about COVID safety procedures and the future of safety measures. The most significant trending topic was the presence of masks and if mask mandates would be changed or updated. However, there is still a wide variety of opinions, feelings, and desires in terms of COVID safety measures from families. Other trending topics included student testing protocols, vaccination mandates, clarity on quarantine protocols, and questions about PPE availability for students. 

#2: The second trend from families this past month was
curriculum feedback.

Families want more challenging work and shared feedback about specific class assignments and instructional methods. Families also discussed having fewer computer-based or phone-based assignments. They want more physical textbooks being used, and increasing student engagement in learning activities. Also, there were requests for more field trips, group projects, and specials class options. Families are asking that classes that were discontinued due to safety concerns, like band and choir, should be reinstated. 

#3:  Families also shared that they want increased
teacher communication and more communication in general from the school this past week.

Families want consistent responses to messages and calls. They want more communication, and up-to-date information on procedures, protocols, and website information. 

Academic support for students was another top trend this month.

Major trends in this category were more one-on-one support for students in specific classes. They also wanted increased school wide tutoring options, and academic help for students who are returning from quarantine or sick absences. 

 #5: Improving
communication regarding COVID protocols and safety measures was mentioned frequently.

Families want more updates on the number of positive cases at the school, increased contact tracing efforts, and information on what needs to happen when students return post-COVID. They also want consistent handling of each COVID case on campus. In general, families want more clear and transparent information from leaders around COVID safety and decision-making around COVID topics.


#6: Families also discussed transportation needs and carline logistics.

There were trends in comments about speeding and safety during carline. Also, there were requests for traffic guards during dismissal and arrival, and more organized processes with clear expectations for parents during carline. Families who have students that take the bus are sharing feedback about buses not arriving or being late, but not receiving any communication from the school or bus company regarding delays. 


#7: Requests for and feedback on virtual learning were a trend this past month.

Families shared feedback about wanting to go fully virtual due to increased cases, requests for allowing optional virtual learning for students, and virtual options for high-risk students specifically. There were also many families that shared appreciation for staying in-person and continuing to offer the full in-person school. 


#8: Families are talking about activity options for students.

Families are looking for ways their students can have a chance to socialize, requesting more clubs and programs that students can be a part of, activity options for virtual students, and just generally more time to be with friends informally. Parents and families are hoping to find ways that their students can build community. They want students feel involved in things they are passionate about during the week. 


#9: Bullying was another trending topic on the list.

Families are concerned about the bullying of their students. Additionally, they were sharing general concerns of bullying being present in the school community. Families are supporting strict rules and consequences for bullying and increased demand on this topic. 


#10: The school schedule was the number 10 most talked-about topic this month.

Shorter school hours were requested in order keep students engaged. Families want feedback on weather closure decisions, and for the school schedule to be adjusted when a school or district moves to remote learning.


students raising their hands while teacher is teaching in a classroom.

We like to start with a few noteworthy feedback trends that didn’t make the top ten trends, but we thought they were interesting to highlight: 



  • Cafeteria feedback was almost in the top ten trends this past month. We heard a lot of feedback, ideas, and comments about improving the student lunch experience. Some trends were families asking for more meal options that students want to eat at school, and more time for students to eat lunch. Schools not having enough food to serve, and the cost of meals was also concerning.
  • Families also had a lot of attendance questions. That came in #12 on our charts. Students were being marked tardy or absent incorrectly. There was also concern on receiving letters from the district about inaccurate absences, and not being able to get in touch with anyone to answer attendance questions. Lastly, there is difficulty getting absences updated post quarantine. Overall, families had feedback about the attendance organization and procedures on campus during this time. 


If you have questions about these 10 feedback trends from families, how to resolve them in your school, or have feedback on our trends blog, please reach out to!