The “To Overcome” List

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Shani Dowell, Possip CEO and Founder, shares why it’s important to take a moment to recognize all that you have overcome with a “To Overcome” list. 

A few weeks ago, I talked about the power of a “To Did” list. Now I want to highlight the power of a “To Overcome” list.

Actually, I was recently walking through my house and realized that for 3 weeks we had people sleeping in rooms that weren’t their own, sick people,
people in quarantine,
and NO ONE was on a routine schedule.

— In short, COVID and “back to school” chaos hit our house in spurts.

Yet, I was wondering … 

— Why was I so tired? How come I was less productive? Why was I so overwhelmed?

Also, in hindsight, I knew why I was overwhelmed – sickness, overambition, lack of routine, chaos.

Consequently, this led me to want to share my encouragement – and realization – with you: the
“To Overcome” list.

— What did you overcome in your household this week? Were there big challenges that you tackled?



As parents, we often take for granted that not only are we making big things happen 
but we are overcoming a lot in the process.



The “To Overcome” list:someone writing in a list

Did you start something new in your work or educational life?

Did your kids have ANYTHING that wasn’t routine?

Are you handling additional activities – Sports? Arts? Friends?

Is there drama happening in your life related to work? Personal relationships? Family?

Do you have financial struggles you are navigating?

Are you taking care of others – outside of your child?

Do you have challenges or big responsibilities at work?

Do you have your own physical or mental health you are working through?

Are others in your family working through physical, mental, or spiritual health? 
Or differences?

Do you have big questions in your own life that you are trying to answer?

Are you trying to make improvements in your life in some way?

Are you trying to plan anything for yourself, a friend, or your work?


Any – and all of these things – are part of your “to overcome” list. So, you shouldn’t take them for granted. In fact, they are things you are overcoming to work and support your family.