8 Ways to Make Back-to-School Enjoyable for Everyone

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We asked our Possip Employees through a Pulse Check™ to provide a list of ideas for a more enjoyable back-to-school season. Check out what they sent in below. 

First things first.  What is Possip?  Possip lets people quickly share praise and feedback so that it’s easier for your staff, families and community to engage! Possip uses your responses to tackle problems and remove barriers such as language, education, transportation, or technology.

We can even sneak in a Bonus Question of your choice to help answer more specific needs. We used Possip on our own staff to get their ideas with making back-to-school more seamless and enjoyable.

Young student on her way to school.Here is what we came up with! 👇🏻

8 Ways to Make Back-to-School Enjoyable for Everyone!


1. Plan a mid-week activity.

Parents: Plan a mid week after school activity to give your child(ren) a fresh change of atmosphere. Students: set aside a mid week check-in with a classmate or friend to share how returning to school was. Teachers: choose a teacher buddy & order lunch ahead together from your favorite place.

Helena Whitfield | La Grange, NC

2. Establish your ‘in school” routine.

As soon as you can, establish a routine. Figure out sleep and homework schedules. Sticking to a routine will help you maximize your time.

 Juan Candia | El Paso, TX

3. Back to school ice cream social.

Enjoy a sweet treat for all of the hard work you have put into prepping for a successful school year!

 Jasmine Blue | Nashville, TN

4. Have students find a special memento to bring with to school.

For kids nervous about going to school, have them bring a special memento! It could even be a special rock or small toy. This will act as a reminder that their parents love them – or, when they feel the memento in their pocket, they might remember that moment and share it later.

 Thomas Jordan

5. Make a “modern” school supplies list with tools for virtual learning.

We all know school has been a little crazy these past few years. Try to be extra prepared for anything – this includes prepping for virtual learning.

 Jordan Jones | Miami, FL 

6. Have a celebration! (maybe donuts). 

Let yourself have fun and mark the start of a new school year with some celebrating (and donuts).

 Christine Fisher | Cincinnati, OH

7. Practice routine before school starts.

Have your kids wake up at the right time a few days before school starts. In addition, have them practice opening lunch items, raising their hands and asking for help.

 Adrienne Tate | Denver, CO

8. Send postcards to your new class.

Send your new class post cards about anything you want! This can be a great way to build community and get to know each other.

Natalie Sessoms | Nashville, TN