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Preventing Bullying: How Schools and Parents Can Partner

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Bullying rates are on the rise. According to a survey done by YouthTruth (, 1 in 3 students are bullied in schools. As a parent and principal, seeing a sta ...

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How to Increase Parent’s Engagement in Student’s Success with Digital Technology

Engaging and maintaining parent engagement isn’t easy. Yet parents play a significant role in the academic success of their children so engagement can’t be ignored. Multiple studies show big gaps ...

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The Upside of Helicopter Parents

Since it's the holiday season we thought we'd give eager parents a little holiday gift this year.  Permission to helicopter. Typically, I'm not one to celebrate helicoptering. Helicopter parents h ...

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Educating is hard. Let parents help!

The original opening for this blog post shared a real life scenario highlighting how hard educators' jobs are. The scenario happened just last week to a school counselor I know.  Before posting it I ...

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Parents Have Needs Too! Academics is Lower Than You Think

Earlier in my career – before kids – I worked with a few community organizing groups. One group was doing parent surveys – and I was shocked when a large scale survey What Matters Most to Parent ...

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